Full Western Electric tube 300B power amplifier

The purpose of the project :

Full Western Electric Tubes.
HV B+ tubes regulator power supply.
Coupling Capacitors , use interstage.
Can use 300B and VV52B power tubes.

Output Power : 
Use VV52B RMS 17W / 30Hz sine wave , Max 34W / 30Hz .
Use 300B RMS 10W / 30Hz sine wave , Max 32W / 30Hz.

Tube complement : 
One Western Electric 420A for 500V / 150mA B+ regulator power supply
One Western Electric 396A for 500V / 150mA B+ regulator power supply.
One Western Electric 417A input
One Western Electric 350B driver
One Western Electric 300B power or VV52B power.

Transformer complement :  
Tango XE-60-3.5S , Lundahl  interstage for 350B driver power tube , 
Hi-Pro Force power , GE choke.

u300b1d.jpg (391426 個位元組)  u300b1e.jpg (268215 個位元組)  u300b1f.jpg (231102 個位元組)  u300b1g.jpg (159865 個位元組)  u300b1i.jpg (293175 個位元組)   

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