Symphonies Plus-SE  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier

The Symphonies Plus-SE , is Special  Edition of Symphonies Plus Tube Line Preamplifier .
The Symphonies Plus-SE use Neutrik RCA connections , coupling cap uses Sonicap and Phillips cap , TKD conductive plastic potentiometer volume control..


spsein1.jpg (454078 個位元組)Huge dynamic range, both the beautiful tone color and wonderful rhythm , 
ultra linear circuit of the line stage designed for the DVD - Audio and SACD source in the New Century.
uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market .

The Line stage made by Hand built " point to point " on YS-Audio factory.
"point to point"
has become more focused, the soundstage is deeper.
Hand built by " point to point ' is very high cost of manufacture !
The installation of the tubes line stage is special designed , it can prevent RF interfere and vibrate interfere,
It has become very clean soundstage and saw the musical instrument hang up in the air.

spsep1.jpg (377135 個位元組)

The HV B+ power supply is application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with 6X4 Tube for current buffer.
The 6X4 Tube opens up the soundstage and allows the music to "bloom". The melody flows naturally, like a river. 
The highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator give the very good bass controls .


spsev2.jpg (88079 個位元組) TKD conductive plastic potentiometer volume control.

spse1f.jpg (339938 個位元組) Neutrik RCA connections.


spse1a.jpg (424957 個位元組) spse1b.jpg (416913 個位元組) spse1c.jpg (385554 個位元組) spse1e.jpg (413331 個位元組) 

Customer Feedback for Symphonies Plus  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier


Controls : Gain , Input Selector , Balance , Power On/Of

Output :  Main RCA x2 pair , REC RCA x1 pair

Input :  RCA x4 pair 

Output Impedance :   600ohm at 1K Hz( all main output)
Recommended load:  20K ohm or greater

Frequency Response:  13Hz ~ 68KHz(-0.5dB)

T.H.D : <0.04% (20Hz ~ 20KHz /2V)

Input Impedance: 50K ohm

Gain: 12dB

S/N: >93dB

Channel Balance: < 0.7dB(20Hz ~ 10KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >65dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 20V

Line-Stage Tubes : 12AX7A x3

Power Supply : 6X4

Dimension: 400mm x 310mm x 80mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 4.5kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz

Direct Price : USD$866
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