SONATAS-T (Full Tango version) 40W+40W Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier

Audio Experience SONATAS-T  is a 40W + 40W Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier.
It uses one matched pair of EL34 power tubes and UL working status to provide RMS 40W adequate output for most of the Hi-End Speakers to ideal performance. Moreover, It use the high quality output transformer ( TANGO . made in Japan).
Huge dynamic range, both the beautiful tone color and wonderful rhythm , ultra linear circuit of the valve tubs power amplifier designed for the DVD - Audio and SACD source in the New Century. uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market .


   The input stage is 12AT7 SRPP direct coupling to 12AU7 driver stage , The driver stage use high quality capacitors to EL34 power tube , The EL34 work at P-P UL mode to driver TANGO U-405 high quality output transformer , The U405 output transformer has very low Insertion Loss 0.29dB only.  ( Many tube power amplifier in Hi-End audio market , Their have the output transformers is over 1dB Insertion Loss . only about 10% very high price tube amplifier use under 1dB Insertion Loss of output transformer ) . The output transformer has low insertion loss is very important , the best of the best is 0 dB Insertion Loss , The output transformers for High End tube amplifier need under 1dB  Insertion Loss . The Insertion Loss over 1.5dB output transformer will lost many low level music.

   The bias adjust of power tube is very easy , all bias test point and bias adjust at top of amplifier , you not need open the amplifier for adjust the power tube bias.

   The components ,  NFB value , tube type , circuit all select by listen test.


 sant3.jpg (108100 個位元組)  sant2.jpg (97029 個位元組) 


Output :  RMS 40W , MAX 55W .

Input :  RCA one pair.

Input Impedance :  100K ohm

Frequency Response at 30W:  20Hz ~ 20K Hz ( +/- 0dB )    ,   20Hz ~ 100K Hz ( -1dB )

Input Sensitivity :  1.4V / 40W

Output impedance : 4 ohm / 8 ohm                                          It can add 6 ohm and 16 ohm output .

S/N: >110dB
Damping factor : approximately over 15

Phase Mode : Normal

Tubes Required: One Matched pair EL34  Power Output , ( 1 ) 12AU7 Driver , ( 1 )12AT7 Input .

Dimension: 430mm x 300mm x 160mm (W x D x H) each

Total Weight: 15kg

Power Source: 110-117/220-240V,50/60Hz


Actual Price: HK$13,900


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