The Real -TU Line MK2 Preamplifier. Version 1.3

Flagship grade Line preamplifier.

The Real-TU Line MK2 is Two Unit version, It is all same as standard THE REAL just in two block.

The Real-TU line preamplfier use Hasimoto line input transformer to one 6DJ8 tube to one Western Electric 418A tube with one Hasimoto line output transformer construct Class A for each channel.


The Real-TU line preamplifier 's application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with 6754/412A Tube for current regulator and Tango choke in the HVB+ power supply . Also it use the external power supply get highest S/N.











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Controls : 
Main unit : L Volume ,  R Volume, Input Selector , Output XLR/RCA Selector , Phase Normal / Inverse .

Main unit top: 
Output impedance and amplifier stage gain control, Input gain attenuation.

Power supply : Power On/Of

Output :  Two XLR Main Output  , Two RCA Main Output .

Input : Two XLR input , Two RCA input.

Output Impedance :  60 ohms and 15 ohm. (select by output impedance control)
Recommended load:  600 ohm or greater and 150 ohm or greater.

Frequency Response:  20Hz ~ 45KHz 0/-0.3dB , 10Hz ~ 100KHz -3dB 

T.H.D :  0.085%  1kHz at 2V

Input Impedance: 600 ohm XLR , 10K ohm RCA.

Gain: 19dB and 13dB ( XLR and RCA are same gain ) select by output gain control

S/N: >110dB

Channel Balance: <0.1dB(20Hz ~ 20KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >100dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 28V/ 30Hz ( load at 600 ohm )

Line-Stage Tubes :2pcs 6DJ8,  2 pcs 418A , 2pcs 6754/412A.

Main 454mm x 330mm x 200mm (W x D x H). 
power supply 454mm x 330mm x 115mm (W x D x H).

Weight: Main unit 13kg , Power supply 13kg . ( Total with package about 30kg )

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz

Actual Price: HK$56300

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