The Real Phono Preamplifier.

Flagship grade Phono preamplifier.

The mono block with external power supply , 4 unit design.

The Real use T-LCR type RIAA EQ design, the T-LCR Type is best method for revive RIAA EQ, also is highest cost design.

It uses 12AX7 ,WE396A  with Tango line output transformer for input stage, special made T-LCR type RIAA EQ , WE417A with Tango  line output transformer output stage( with XLR and RCA output).

The The Real 's application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with 6X4 Tube for current regulator and tow Tango choke in the HVB+ power supply . Also it use the external power supply get highest S/N.

The MC step up transformer use Hasimoto ( made in Japan )


tr1f5.jpg (93903 個位元組) tr1f3.jpg (99703 個位元組) tr1f4.jpg (104440 個位元組) tr1f2.jpg (90168 個位元組)

tr1i1.jpg (144332 個位元組) tr1i5.jpg (133290 個位元組) tr1b.jpg (107506 個位元組) tr1pb.jpg (102496 個位元組) tr29.jpg (142834 個位元組)


Power Supply : Power On/Of .

Main Unit : 
Output XLR/RCA, Phase Normal / Inverse , Input MC/MM , MC Gain High/Low , MC Impedance,  MC Input 1,2,3 . 

Output :  1 pair Main XLR , 1pair Main RCA.

Input : MC1 input , MC2 input , MC3 input, MM input ( all RCA ).

Output Impedance :  
600 ohms ( XLR and RCA same ) , 600 ohms minimum load.

Frequency Response: +/- 0. 15dB 20Hz to 20KHz , RIAA equalized , ( -3db at 75khz )

Input Impedance: 

MC low gain: 
DC Impedance 12ohm ( for 7 ~ 40ohm internal DC Impedance of MC cartridge )
Zi Impedance 200 ohm ( for load Impedance over 100 ohm MC cartridge )

MC high gain: 
DC Impedance 3ohm ( for 2 ~ 7ohm internal DC Impedance of MC cartridge )
Zi Impedance 50 ohm ( for load Impedance over 20 ohm MC cartridge )

The impedance selector is select the load impedances of the MC step-up transformer output. (the impedance can change by module )

MM is 47K / 100P ( the capacitance impedance can change by module )

MM gain 41dB, 
MC1, 2, 3 ..... low gain 64.5dB, MC1 high gain 70.5dB

Noise: MM 93.5dB (shorted input) , MC 93dB (shorted input).
signal-to-noise ratio, below 1 Volts RMS output,  A weighted

Phase Mode : Normal / Inverse.

Max input : MM 80mV, MC 8mV

Distortion: Less than .04% at 0.5V RMS 1kHz output.

Tube Compliment : 12AX7 x2, WE396A x2,  WE417A x2 , 6X4 x1.

Main unit , 400mm x 310mm x 80mm (W x D x H) 
Power Supply ,455mm x 350mm x 120mm (W x D x H)

Total Weight: 33kg

Power Source: 110-127/220 - 240V,50/60Hz


Actual Price: HK$63800


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