Reference one MK3 tube line preamplifier Version 2     (Since: Jan 2021)

The Reference One MK3 Version 2 (Since: Jan 2021) is Audio Experience Reference Grade line preamp. it uses one 6DJ8 at tube input stage to driver 6C45 tube with one Hasimoto line output transformer construct Class A for each channel. This design is from our Flagship grade preamplifier THE REAL. 


The Reference One 's application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with EZ81 Tube for current regulator and Hasimoto choke in the HVB+ power supply . Also it use the external power supply get highest S/N, the power supply is dual mono design.


The Version 2 improved the circuit of amplifier, the sound got full upgrade about 30%. 
The T.H.D of Version 2 is 0.04%
  1kHz at 1V , The before Version 1.8 is 0.15%  1kHz at 1V.

The S/N of Version 2 is >113dB , The before Version 1.8 is >110dB.




refelinemk3_1.6_f.jpg (571982 個位元組)  High/Low gain selector

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   refemk3v2b.jpg (533542 個位元組) refemk3v2c.jpg (513623 個位元組) refemk3v2d.jpg (514721 個位元組) refemk3v2e.jpg (557577 個位元組) refemk3v2f.jpg (539423 個位元組) refemk3v2g.jpg (570856 個位元組) refemk3v2h.jpg (540483 個位元組)

  refelinemk3_1.6_a.jpg (605445 個位元組) refelinemk3_1.6_b.jpg (580552 個位元組) refelinemk3_1.6_e.jpg (581434 個位元組) r1mk3ss8.jpg (473271 個位元組) r1mk3ss7.jpg (397629 個位元組)

  refemk3v2in.jpg (446621 個位元組) r1lk2i6.jpg (602118 個位元組) refe1pmk2power.jpg (580643 個位元組) r1lk2l.jpg (150004 個位元組)  


refemk3fr.jpg (833992 個位元組) Frequency response , volume control at 1/2 , output at 2V

refemk3ph.jpg (835519 個位元組) Phase vs Frequency response , volume control at 1/2 , output at 2V

refemk3v2thd1.jpg (706104 個位元組) THD vs Frequency response , volume control at 1/2 , output at 1V

refemk3v2thd2.jpg (673938 個位元組) THD vs Frequency response , volume control at 1/2 , output at 2V


Main unit : Volume , Gain, Input Selector , Output XLR/RCA Selector , High/Low gain selector .

Power supply : Power On/Of

Output :  Two pair XLR Main Output  , Two pair RCA Main Output .

Input : One pair XLR input , Three pair RCA input 

Output Impedance :  60 ohms
Recommended load:  600 ohm or greater.

Frequency Response:  20Hz ~ 100kHz ( 20Hz +0.4dB , 100kHz -0.8dB) at 2V output.

T.H.D : 0.04%  1kHz at 1V ,  0.05%  1kHz at 2V .

Input Impedance: 50K ohm XLR , 50K ohm RCA.

Gain: High gain 19 dB ( XLR and RCA are same gain ) , Low gain 13dB ( XLR and RCA are same gain ).

S/N: >113dB

Channel Balance: <0.1dB(20Hz ~ 20KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >98dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 26V

Line-Stage Tubes : 2 pcs 6DJ8 , 2 pcs 6C45 , 2pcs EZ81.

Dimension: Main 400mm x 310mm x 150mm (W x D x H) , power supply 400mm x 310mm x 80mm (W x D x H)

Weight: Main and power supply total 12.5kg

Power Source: 110V-120V / 220V-240V, 50/60Hz


Not remote version actual price: HK$28500.

With remote ( remote volume controls only ) version actual price: HK$29800.

The Reference one MK3 have black and silver two color version.

The input transformer from Jensen upgrade to use Hashimoto input transformer add extra cost $4800. refemk3v2hi.jpg (577315 個位元組)





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