New product: The Real power amplifier



New product: The Real-XL line stage preamplifier



New product: Reference One power 110W mono block power amplifier.



New product: YSA300B Plus 6.5W+6.5W power amplifier.




New product: Sonatas Plus 50W+50W power amplifier.




New version 1.5 of Balanced A2 and A2-SE is available, now.
The new version use 4pcs 12AU7 and 2pcs 5687WB ( before version use 4pcs 12AT7 and 2pcs 5687WB ).
That improved the S/N and bass control.



New product: Reference One phono preamplifier

New product: SONATAS-T full Tango transformer version



The BALANCE A2-SE get the review from Enjoy the®



The following model will price markup 10% at 18/6/2010.

Symphonies V2
Symphonies V2R
Concerto V2
Balanced A2-SE.
Balanced P1-MC.



New product: YSA100S MK-2.5

New product: Reference One reference grade line preamplifier.


The Concerto Plus MC2  Phono Stage Preampilier up-grade to use new power transformer.
The new power transformer up the sound.


The BALANCED A2 and BALANCED A2-SE up-grade to use new power transformer.
The new power transformer up the sound and working cool .


New product: SOLO 2 MC Step-up Amplifier


New product: YSA-300MB  Mono Block Valve Tube Power Amplifier


The SOLO Moving Coil Cartridge Tube Pre-Preamplifier ( Step-up Amp ) stopped product.


New product: Balanced A2-SE Full Balanced Tube Line Preamplifier

New product: Concerto Ver2 Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Preampilier
The Concerto up-grade to Version 2.


New product: Balanced A2 Full Balanced Tube Line Preamplifier


New product: SONATAS - SE  50W+50W Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier


The Balanced P1 ( 65dB MC version ) stopped product.


New product: Concerto Plus MC2  Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Preampilier


New product: YSA-300B  6W x2 Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier

New product: Balanced P1-M   Full Balanced Tube Phono Preamplifier 


New product: SONATAS  40W+40W Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier


New product: Symphonies -V2R  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier 

New product: Symphonies Plus-R  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier

New product: Symphonies Ver2  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier
                           The Symphonies
up-grade to Version 2.

Up-grade: The Symphonies-Plus preamp up-grade to Latest Version .



New product: Reference 300B-P Mono Block 300B Class A Push-Pull Power Amplifier


New product: YSA100S Full Balanced Mono Block 100W tube power amplifier.



All Symphonies series preamplifier change the output Impedance to 600ohm @ 1K Hz .



New product: BALANCED P1 Balanced Tube Phono preamplifier.



New products: Concerto Plus MC phono preamplifier.

The Symphonies Plus line preamplifier and Concerto Plus phono preamplifier up-grade to Latest Version .



The Symphonies line preamp and Concerto phono preamplifier up-grade to Latest Version.



New products: BALANCED A1 full balanced tube line preamp



The Music MK3 stop produce



The Symphonies line preamplifier up-grade the output caps for Solve the preamp work with the Classe CA-100 power amplifier kept going into protection mode ( The Classs CA-100 shutting down ).



The Concerto phono preamplifier up-grade the grounding lug for Solve the grounding lug was not properly terminated to the chassis.



New product: SOLO MC step-up amp 



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