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Symphonies  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier

YS-Audio Audio Experience Symphonies line preamp Review by Nick Georges

Nick Georges               February 06, 2004

YS-Audio Concerto phono preamp with Symphonies line preamp Review by jkorten

Jkorten                          February 08, 2003

YS-Audio Audio Experience Symphonies line preamp Review by TFredMusic

Todd                             May 20, 2002

The short Review for Symphonies

Jon91661                      December 14, 2002

02-19-03: Baldar
Last April, I bought an Audio Experience Symphonies pre-amp. It sounds so much better than my C-J Sonographe SC-26 it is difficult to express. Delivered from Hong Kong for $377!!!

Everyone who has seen it has been impressed with the build quality, fit and finish. Everyone who has heard it has been impressed with the clarity and imaging. Best deal in stereo today? Maybe.

01-06-03: Opiv1
I purchased the Audio Experience Symphonies pre amp for $380 on Ebay from YS Audio. It lists on their web site for $995. I owned a Conrad Johnson PV 4 before that I really liked but this preamp blew it away. If the Conrad Johnson was a $795 preamp in 1983 which is like what $1600 now, this Audio Experience preamp should be $2500. The build quality is excellent. Silver wiring and point to point soldering. No circuit boards here. This amp probably would cost at least $2500 if made in the US to get this quality. The sound is remarkable. Detailed, good soundstage and openess. I definately think I got a steal.


Dear Chui Chi Wai,

Symphonies pre-amp arrived today. Thank you so much! Thank you for an awesome quality pre-amp.
I immediately hooked it up and the sounds were AMAZING! I heard details that I haven't heard before from my Dynaudio speakers.
Before, I was using McIntosh C-28 pre-amp. It is no comparison to your Symphonies.
Aside from the details, the Symphonies gives more transparencies and a much bigger sound stage to my speakers.
I have a few pre-amps. I will have to conclude that Symphonies is the BEST pre-amp that I've ever bought.

Kind regards,

Marcus Hartanto.         2003/3/13

Hello. I purchased the SYMPHONIES unit a couple of months ago and it has been wonderful!

Nick Johnson           2002/8/24

Dear Mr. Chui:
I recently acquired your Symphonies preamp to use between my Sony SACD player and SET monoblocs  employing  845 output tubes. I am very pleased with the Symphonies and wanted to express my appreciation for your very fine product..........D. Reed Lombart
D. Reed Lombart          2002/5/26

Hello - I thought you might be interested in this email I sent to which is a website that lets consumers review products.  This website is a very good way to find out if others are happy with electronic equipment they have bought.
Best Wishes
James Wiggins
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From: J W
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 5:53 PM
Subject: Product Suggestion

Hello - I have an Audio Experience "Symphonies" tube preamp I bought from YS-Audio in Hong Kong. They sell this $995 unit at a promotional price of $400 (shipping included) on eBay (if you get it at minimum, which I did.)  This preamp gives me a clarity that I don't get with my similarly-priced (list price) Sonographe 26 by Conrad-Johnson (which I've had for 2 months and may review on your site soon.)  
Here is a link to YS-Audio's website -
This preamp is an unbelievable deal and I would like to let others know how good the deal is - so, how about listing it under your preamps?
They also sell the Concerto  Tubes Phono Stage EQ - Preamplifier 
and the Music MK2 Line Preamplifier
at great prices on eBay, though I cannot attest personally to their quality.  However, if they match the Symphonies preamp, they are very good also.
Thanks and Best Wishes
James Wiggins               2002/5/18

Hi, I just purchased Your SYMPHONIES preamp from a EBAY AUCTION. I really like the sound of this this.It sounds much better than my $2000.00 US. Proceed PRE. Although I think the sound of this is quit stunning..........

Dan Lombardy      2002/4/23

Dear Sir,
We purchased on E-bay in Germany the Symphonies  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier.
The building is very good for the money and we are thinking to introduce your products into the Swiss Market.

H.R. Voogd       2001/8/27

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