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Concerto Plus MC2  Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Preampilier

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The feedback from Taiwan forums ( Chinese ) :


Good Evening Nelson.
It gives me a great deal of pleasure to be able to tell you that
the Concerto Plus MC MK2 is undoubtedly the finest piece of
audio equipment I have ever purchased, and given that I own
and have owned a lot of supposedly high end equipment over
the past 40 years, that comment is, at least in my own eyes,
the greatest compliment I could pay you.
Even with only 20 -30 hours of operation, the sound stage is
huge, filling the wall against which my JBL L110's are located
and allowing me to easily position each musician who was
present when the recording was made.
The sound is smooth & clean but also lively, and there is so
much realism that my only concern is my listening room; it is
now far too small :-).
Based on the performance of the Concerto, I must now make
good my promise to you and look at replacing all my equipment
with Audio Experience products, & will do so once I have worked
out just what I need.
By the way, including JAN NOS tubes fitted with vibration-dampening
rings was a very nice touch, and most appreciated
I have already let you have a list of the equipment I am using now,
but will formalise this in my next email to give you a better idea of
what I need in the way of a preamp and a power amp(s).
Again Nelson, my thanks for a truly superb phono stage. Once I
get 150 hours up it should be singing like a songbird.
My sincere thanks,
Laurie Dare 

November 02, 2007

Mr Dare 's current audio system:
Solid State Phono Stages - Benz Micro (Lucaschek) PP-1 T9 - MC
                                   - Creek OBH-8 SE - MM

Tube Phono Stage - Audio Experience Concerto Plus MC MKII
Turntable - Michell Orbe (Full Perspex Cover) with AC P/S
Tonearm - Graham 2.2 c/w ceramic & aluminium armwands
Cartridges - Benz Micro Ebony LP (MC)
              - Benz Micro Ruby 2    (MC)
              - Shelter 901 (MC)               
              - Grado Statement Sonata (MM or MI actually) 
Multi-player - Pioneer DV-S733A (SACD, DVD-A, DVD)
DAC - CEC DX-71 MKII 24/96Balanced Input & Output
DAC & Transport - Tube Technology 'Fulcrum'
                       - Uses 3 X 6922 per channel
                       - DAC & transport are clock linked
Minidisc Recorder - Sony MDS-JA30ES (For recording out-of-circulation LP's)
Tuner - Denon TU-1500RD
HTPC - Home built with following features:
        - 1 Terrabyte HDD
        - M-Audio 24/96 Sound Card
        - HDTV Output card
        - iMon controller
All devices controlled by a Home Theatre Master MX-800 Custom Remote Controller
Pre-amplifier - Tube Technology 'Prophet' Twin Chassis 
                  - Has the following inputs & outputs:
                       - Tuner
                       - CD
                       - Tape (Used for Minidisc)
                       - Aux 1
                       - Aux 2
                  - Preamp output has 'splitter' to enable
                    output to Grado Headphone Amplifier
Power Amplifier - Tube Technology 'Unisis' Class 'A' 35 Watt RMS/CH SET
                     - Uses 4 X EL84 per channel
AV Amplifiers - Denon AVC-A10SE 110 Watt RMS/CH 7.1
                  - Denon POA-T2 100watt RMS/CH
LG Model LST-5100P HD TV Receiver ('Set Top Box')
LG 51" HD DLP Projection TV
Audio speakers - JBL L110's - Have owned these for 30 years & will NEVER replace them.
HT Speakers:
 - Front Towers custom-built by Roche of London
 - Sub custom-built by Roche of London
 - Rears - Genesis IM-8200's
 - Centre Front custom-built by Roche of London
 - Effects speakers - Genesis IM-5200's
Also have a Nakamichi Dragon & Revox A-77 which are not normally in use.

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