Research Project

YS-Audio did many research project for Hi-END Audio.
Some project to announce on the web 

Power Amplifier

9/2000 : RCA 245   2.5W SE power amplifier   more..... 

9/2001 : Full Western Electric tube 300B power amplifier (Ultimate Level)  more.......   

10/2001 : Full Telefunken tube AD1 P-P power amplifier (Ultimate Level) more.......   

6/2004 : Telefunken EL156 P-P 200W power amplifier (Ultimate Level) more.........   

5/2006 : Telefunken EL156 P-P 75W power amplifier (Ultimate Level) more...........   NEW


7/2000 :  Western Electric 396A Tubes UTC A26 UTC A20 Transformer Preamplifier   more......


2001~2007 : Speaker System for 2W ~ 20W SE amplifier ( Klangfilm KL-L405 + Gauss 1502 )  more........  

2006~2008 : Speaker System for 20W ~ 200W amplifier ( Gauss 5831 + Gauss HF4000 + Altec 806-8A )  more......... 
                        Last up-grade(10/2008) for above speaker system ( Altec 802D replace Altec 806-8A , New APC 24dB crossover )
                        Last up-grade(11/2008), re-build the 24dB crossover  
                        Last up-grade(12/2008), use the Tango SA300 replace the L-Pad  NEW

2008: Altec 806-8A + Altec 421A   NEW

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