Speaker System for 2W ~ 20W SE amplifier ( Klangfilm KL-L405 + Gauss 1502 )

The project begin at 2001 .

This Speaker System can "REAL" match the 2W ~ 20W SE tube amplifier !

In period 1990 ~ 2000
I have been try many speaker to match 2W ~ 20W SE tube amplifier . 
eg: Fostex , Tannoy 15"gold , Lowther PM, Telefunken 8" full range , Sada 8" full range , DIATONE P610 , Altec 604............ many many .
But , They not gave me a satisfied sound.
I know , I need a over 12" diameter, real high sensitive , better bass response and better dynamic of full range speaker unit.

Until, I got the Klangfilm KL-L405 at 2001 .
It is a 14" full range speaker, about 100db sensitive, real high sensitive and good dynamic .
I have been try many different setup for KL-L405...
At last, I got the verdict .
It need set at speaker cabinet and work with the tweeter speaker unit.
Although, many people said the KL-L405 is a full range speaker, In fact it has not the good high frequency response.
kl-l405.jpg (229378 個位元組) kl-l405b.jpg (309732 個位元組) Klangfilm KL-L405

Some info for Klangfilm KL-L405 enter there

In period 2003 ~ 2005.
I tried many tweeter for match the KL-L405 .........
eg: JBL 075 , 076 , 077 , EV T350 , Klangfilm , Fostex ................
Also , They not gave me the satisfied sound...
I got the verdict .The tweeter need over 110db sensitive, real tweeter can response over 20kHz , the sound color can match the KL-L405.
1502b.jpg (171988 個位元組) 1502.jpg (344256 個位元組) Gauss 1502

At 2006 , I found the Gauss 1502 tweeter.
It is a 112db sensitive and 22kHz high response tweeter with 20,000 gauss magnet.
Important , It 's sound color very match the KL-L405.

kl-l405d.jpg (192549 個位元組) The speaker system with YSA300B SE power amplifier.

kl-l405e.jpg (697021 個位元組) The cabinet and crossover.

Future Plan

I want try the GOTO UNIT GT-160 tweeter replace the Gauss 1502 tweeter.

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