Western Electric 396A Tubes UTC A26 UTC A20 Transformer Preamplifier

This Line Preamplifier puts out rich, high definition , very fast and distinct bass , uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market.  
It currently uses a pair Western Electric 396A Amplify tubes in P-P output mode ( No NFB ). UTC A26 preamplifier output transformer , UTC A20 input preamplifier transformer. Not Coupling Capacitors.
Super ingenious circuit design by Chui Yat Sang

The Preamplifier OutPut transformer is UTC A26
The Preamplifier InPut transformer is UTC A20
The Power Transformer is R-Model power transforer x2
The Filter Transformer is ISLIP
Amplify tube is Western Electric 396A
Rectifier tube is 83
Volume control : R and L
Input : three pair.
Output: Balance and RCA one pair.
Frequency Response : 20Hz ~ 30KHz
Gain: 17dB. 
Dimensione : 13.5"w x 10"d x 9"h
Weight : 8Kg
AC Input : 115V or 220V

ad1i.JPG (40016 個位元組)
The listen Test

The listen Test
Power amplifier

The listen Test System

CD Transport : Wadia WT3200
A/D Converter : Bel Canto Design DAC
Power Amplifier
AD1 5W SE (
Tungsram AD1 , Telefunken RNG4004 , Philips Winiwatt AC2 , Tango XE-60-3.5S Output , UTC A20 Input ).
WE 300B 10W SE ( Western Electric 300B 40age , Western Electric 274B
engraved base , GE 6SN7GTB , XE-60-5S Output ).
Speaker : Telefunken 8" fullrange '
Silver' speaker.

The Second System

CD Transport : Wadia WT3200
A/D Converter : Bel Canto Design DAC1
Power Amplifier
YSA-A100 ( KT-90 x4 100W )
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Power Amplifier.
Speaker : Hales Concept Two .

room3.JPG (97819 個位元組)
The second
The listen Test

300B10w.JPG (116660 個位元組)
The Other
 listen Test
Power amplifier
WE300B 10W SE

a26pm.JPG (61492 個位元組)

 The listen test and attunement for the sound of the preamplifier about 1  month. The preamplifie can matches new model speaker high power amplifier system and old model speaker small power amplifier system very good . The definition of the bass respondence better than other use Coupling Capacitors output preamplifier , the violin and the human sing is very real . This is an uncommon tubes preamplifier.


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