RCA UX-245 Tubes 2.5W SE Power Amplifier

The RCA UX-245 is one of the best 45-type variants available.
This amplifier puts out rich,
the middle treble very distinct and sweet , matches the horn speaker is best of world
uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound 
that matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market. 
It will fire the imagination of current 300B SE fans! 
The amplifier use 24A and 27 driver the 245 , 
this is perfect classics combination ! 
It currently uses a pair RCA UX-245 power tubes 
in single-ended output mode ( No NFB ).
Tango M-705 output transformer 

The OutPut transformer is Tango M-705 (The BEST! Tango to stop production at OCT 2000, so this is extinct product)
The Power Transformer is ACME Electric Corporation LTD USA made
The Filter Transformer is Federnd Telephone & Rodio Corp USA made
Input tube is Sylvania 24A
Driver tube is RCA 27
Power tube is RCA UX245
Rectifier tube is 80
LCR(UK) and Mallory(USA) : electorolytic capacitor!( The BEST!)
Chrome plated copper chassis with solid reddish Walnut trim
Output Power : C.P. output 2.5W , Max 5.5W
Frequency Response : 50Hz ~ 45KHz  +/-1db.
Dimensione : 17"w x 15"d x 8"h
Weight : 15Kg
Output Impedance : 4 , 6 , 8 ohm
AC Input : 115V only.
We are presenting this prize amplifier

 245msm.JPG (96331 個位元組)    245psm.JPG (97900 個位元組)   


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