Telefunken EL156 75W monoblock power amplifier

The purpose of the project :

Telefunken EL156 75W P-P Class A 
Delicate and Simple

Output Power : 
75W / 30Hz sine wave .

Tube complement : 

1 Telefunken 6DJ8 for input and driver
2 Telefunken EL156 for power 

Transformer complement :  
TANGO X-5P Output Transformer "Cut Core - Orient High B" .
TANGO NN-6 Input Transformer "Permalloy " .
Lundahl power transformers . 

c156a.jpg (515836 個位元組)    c156.jpg (287547 個位元組)    c156e.jpg (470322 個位元組)   c156c.jpg (408844 個位元組)   

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