Altec 806-8A + Altec 421A Speaker System  

I help my friend to build this horn speaker system for him.

He have not high budget , his budget is under HK$20,000.

The composition of system is Altec 806-8A horn drive and Altec 421A .

pict0310.jpg (99169 個位元組) pict0309.jpg (137055 個位元組) pict0303.jpg (128189 個位元組)  pict0267.jpg (141770 個位元組) pict0270.jpg (146468 個位元組) pict0274.jpg (159021 個位元組) 

pict0278.jpg (192206 個位元組) pict0288.jpg (192948 個位元組)  pict0286.jpg (136653 個位元組) 

The crossover:

cross.jpg (40571 個位元組)

The bass cabinet.

sirbox1.jpg (56100 個位元組) sirbox.jpg (52407 個位元組)  



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