Balanced A2 Plus    Full Balanced Tube Line Preamplifier

The BALANCED A2 Plus is Upgarde Edition of BALANCED A2 Full Balanced Tube Line Preamplifier .
The BALANCED A2-Plus upgrade all coupling cap to use Sonicap caps.




a2pin3a.jpg (512003 個位元組) a2pin3.jpg (499324 個位元組) All coupling cap uses Sonicap caps.


Feedback and Review for BALANCED A2-Plus fully balanced line Preamplifier : Click there

Feedback and Review for BALANCED A2  fully balanced line Preamplifier : Click there

HiFi review Best Buy of the year-2014

a2esf3.jpg (288618 個位元組) a2sef2.jpg (236142 個位元組)  a2back.jpg (647671 個位元組) a2back2.jpg (559636 個位元組)

a2i4.jpg (549541 個位元組)  a2i1.jpg (506739 個位元組)  a2i3.jpg (495076 個位元組) 

a2fbn.jpg (465169 個位元組)  Black Faceplate Color version


Controls : L Gain , R Gain , Main Volume , Input Selector , Power On/Of

Remote Control : input select , volume control , mute 

Output :  Two Main with XLR / RCA , One Record with XLR / RCA ,

Input : L1 , L2 , L3 , L4 with XLR / RCA , Processor with XLR / RCA ( HT/BP )

Output Impedance :  500 ohms Balanced , 250 ohm SE Main.
Recommended load:  10K ohm or greater ( Balanced ) , 5K ohm or greater ( SE ). 

Frequency Response:  15Hz ~ 85KHz(-0.5dB)

T.H.D : <0.18% (20Hz ~ 20KHz /2V)

Input Impedance: 100K ohm XLR

Gain (Gain and Volume controls at MAX) :
20dB at XLR input to XLR output.   20dB at RCA input to XLR output.
14dB at XLR input to RCA output.   4dB at RCA input to RCA output.

S/N: >98dB

Channel Balance: <0.2dB(20Hz ~ 20KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >92dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 25V

Line-Stage Tubes : 4pcs 12AU7 , 2pcs 5687WB

Dimension: 455mm x 350mm x 120mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 7kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz


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