Balanced A1 MK2   Full Balanced Tube Line Preamplifier

The Audio Experiences Balanced A1 MK2. A fully balanced tube preamp, the A1 is the latest design from the labs of world-renowned Mr. Chui Yat Sang. As a professional designer of premium audio products with over {{x}} years in development, Mr. Chui  incorporates a hand-wired, point-to-point manufacturing philosophy into every high-end audio component that we offer. The Balanced A1 is by no means an exception.



Innovative problem solving in the Balanced A1 MK2’s Class A, + wave auto-balance circuitry offers wonderfully realistic, dynamic, open-sounding music that will please the ears and stir the soul of even the most discerning listener. The gain stage of the main circuit is a fully balanced design, each channel using two 12AU7 vacuum tube to form zero negative feedback (0 NFB). The A1 line stage employs specialized tubes to project a clean, fresh soundstage while effectively preventing RF and vibration interference. The low impedance output stage is defining yet truthful to each note.


The Balanced A1’s application of a highly efficient solid-state regulator in the HVB+ power supply produces a sonic quality that is completely stable, lively, and rhythmically true to its source. At the heart is an extremely quiet power supply comprised of a fast, large current, R-core transformer. The shortest possible cable connections inside are the signature of the Mr. Chui ’s master craftsmanship.


 a1c.jpg (62518 個位元組)       a1d.jpg (89953 個位元組)      a1b.jpg (67052 個位元組)    a1e.jpg (59002 個位元組)

Simply put, this preamp is perfect for people who love music. Only the ultimate components are included (Dale, Philips resistors, Wima caps) ensuring the most neutral sounding music and a truly extraordinary listening experience. No need to hesitate. Bring a home a sonic paradise with the Audio Experiences Balanced A1 MK2.

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Full Silver Faceplate and Full Black Faceplate available ,Now !

  a1m2b.jpg (413443 個位元組) a1m2c.jpg (517731 個位元組) a1m2d.jpg (466363 個位元組) a1m2e.jpg (403248 個位元組) Full Silver Faceplate            


a1m2f.jpg (441922 個位元組) a1m2g.jpg (329878 個位元組) a1m2h.jpg (423153 個位元組) a1m2i.jpg (488541 個位元組) a1m2h.jpg (423153 個位元組) Full Black Faceplate


Controls : L Gain , R Gain , Input Selector , Power On/Of

Output :  2 Main XLR , 1 Main RCA , 1 Record RCA 

Input : CD , AV , Tape , AUX (XLR and RCA connectors).

Output Impedance :  650 ohms Balanced , 325 ohm SE Main.
Recommended load:  20K ohm or greater ( Balanced ) , 10K ohm or greater ( SE ). 

Frequency Response:  15Hz ~ 80KHz(-0.5dB)

T.H.D : <0.03% (20Hz ~ 20KHz /2V)

Input Impedance: 100K ohm

Gain: 15 dB at Balanced output , 10dB at SE output

S/N: >93dB

Channel Balance: <0.2dB(20Hz ~ 10KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >89dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 20V

Line-Stage Tubes :   12AU7 x2

Dimension: 419mm x 310mm x 90mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 5.3kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz

Direct Price : USD$699
The shipping by Air post to USA and Europe is US$98
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