Symphonies Plus  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier    NEW Version 

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The Symphonies Plus , is High edition Symphonies, it is designed by Mr. Chui Sat Sung, 
each component is carefully built using "point-to-point" hand wiring and select grade components. 
“Alps” volume pots, “R” core power transformers, “Dale” and "Phillips" resistors, “Wima” and “Phillips” coupling capacitors.
high quality copper internal wiring, create a perfect blend of superb electronic engineering. 
The Symphonies Plus, pure tube preamplifier reveals crystal clear details, eloquent musicality, with absolute neutrality. 
(3) 12AX7A vacuum tubes are used in the stage , one 6x4 tubes with solid state regulator for HV B+ power supply.


sp+1.jpg (537140 個位元組) Huge dynamic range, both the beautiful tone color and wonderful rhythm , 
ultra linear circuit of the line stage designed for the DVD - Audio and SACD source in the New Century.
uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market .

The Line stage made by Hand built " point to point " on YS-Audio factory.
"point to point"
has become more focused, the soundstage is deeper.
Hand built by " point to point ' is very high cost of manufacture !
The installation of the tubes line stage is special designed , it can prevent RF interfere and vibrate interfere,
It has become very clean soundstage and saw the musical instrument hang up in the air.

 The HV B+ power supply is application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with 6X4 Tube for current buffer.
The 6X4 Tube opens up the soundstage and allows the music to "bloom".  The melody flows naturally, like a river. 
highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator give the very good bass controls .

 NEW version : Gain controls replace Balance controls. 


sp+8.jpg (353407 個位元組) sp+7.jpg (385954 個位元組)

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Controls : Gain , Input Selector , Volume , Power On/Of

Output :  Main RCA x2 pair.

Input :  RCA x4 pair 

Output Impedance :   600ohm at 1K Hz( all main output)
Recommended load:  20K ohm or greater

Frequency Response:  15Hz ~ 65KHz(-0.5dB)

T.H.D : <0.04% (20Hz ~ 20KHz /2V)

Input Impedance: 50K ohm

Gain: 12dB

S/N: >93dB

Channel Balance: < 0.7dB(20Hz ~ 10KHz /max output)

Channel Separation: >65dB(2Hz ~ 20KHz)

Phase Mode : Normal

Max Output : 20V

Line-Stage Tubes : 12AX7A x3

Power Supply : 6X4

Dimension: 400mm x 310mm x 80mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 4.5kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz

Price :HKD$5000 ( USD$660)
Retired Product


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