The Real  EML300B-XLS       16W x2  SET Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier 

Audio Experience The Real EML300B-XLS is a SE 16W x 2 Stereo Valve Tube Power Amplifier.
   The power amplifier use one EML 300B-XLS or EML320B-XLS / 842 power tubes work at Class A Single Ended Triode no negative feedback configuration status to provide 16W adequate output . Moreover, It use the high quality output transformer ( Hashimoto . made in Japan).

   The 5687WB input tube use Jupiter Copper foil (wax paper and Polypropylene film) coupling cap to 5687WB driver tube to driver Hashimoto A-115 Interstage transformer, This new design driver stage got the wide frequency range and very good sound. The interstage transformer direct coupling to power tube. The EML300B-XLS / EML320B-XLS / 842  tube work at Class A Single Ended Triode mode and fix bias to driver Hashimoto high quality output transformer , The Hashimoto H-30-3.5S CUT CORE orient high B output transformer has very low Insertion Loss 0.3dB only.  ( Many SET tube power amplifier in Hi-End audio market , Their have the output transformers is over 2dB Insertion Loss . only about 10% very high price tube amplifier use under 1dB Insertion Loss of output transformer ) . The output transformer has low insertion loss is very important , the best of the best is 0 dB Insertion Loss , The output transformers for High End tube amplifier need under 1dB  Insertion Loss . The Insertion Loss over 1.5dB output transformer will lost many low level music. 

    This power amplifier case structure and parts arrangement are perfect, the signal path is directly and shortly connected. Great heat dissipation, an anti-shock and anti-RF function to guarantee it works at a very stable status. For sure, this machine is produced by point-to-point methodology. 




real300bxls2.jpg (611485 個位元組) real300bxls3.jpg (582006 個位元組) real300bxls5.jpg (624992 個位元組) real300bxls6.jpg (604148 個位元組) real300bxls8.jpg (589617 個位元組) real300bxlsb.jpg (562685 個位元組) real300bxlsino.jpg (569852 個位元組)


a115.jpg (1267558 個位元組) Hashimoto A-115 CUT CORE orient high B Interstage Transformer

h30.jpg (300557 個位元組) Hasimoto H-30-3.5S CUT CORE orient high B Output Transformer


real300bxlsincap.jpg (174281 個位元組) Coupling cap use  Jupiter Copper foil (wax paper and Polypropylene film) coupling cap



EML 320B-XLS / 842:


Output and T.H.D :  
1W per channel , 1kHz total harmonic distortion typically 0.75% 
16W per channel , 1kHz total harmonic distortion typically 5%  (rated output)

Input :  RCA 

Input Impedance : 100K ohm

Frequency Response:

Test at 1W  20Hz ~ 75kHz  (20Hz -1.8dB, 20kHz -0.2dB, 75KHz -3dB)
Test at 16W  20Hz ~ 75kHz  (20Hz -2dB, 20kHz -0.2dB, 75KHz -3dB)

Input Sensitivity :  0.4V / 16W (rated output)     28dB gain ( test at 8 ohm )

Output impedance : 4 ohm, 8ohm , 16ohm

Noise: Less than 1.5mV
Phase Mode : Normal

Construction: Copper and High quality aluminum

Tubes Required: 5687WA x2 , EML300B-XLS / EML320B-XLS / 842  x 2, 5U4Gx 1

Dimension: 430mm x 340mm x 230mm (W x D x H)

Total Weight: 28kg

Power Source: 110-117/220-240V,50/60Hz


The amplifier with Sovtek 5U4G rectifier tube version. Actual Price: HK$36800.

The amplifier with EML 5U4G-Mash rectifier tube version. Actual Price: HK$39800.

eml5u4.jpg (289207 個位元組) EML 5U4G-Mash rectifier tube



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