Speaker System for 20W ~ 200W SE amplifier.

The composition of system by Gauss 5831 15" bass unit , Gauss HF4000 horn drive , Altec 806-8A horn drive.

The middle and high wood horn build by "Sapele Mahogany" solid wood.

006.jpg (277993 個位元組) 003.jpg (224076 個位元組) 004.jpg (224937 個位元組) 005.jpg (218594 個位元組) 

The solid wood building work :

014.jpg (274596 個位元組) 015.jpg (259363 個位元組) 016.jpg (207101 個位元組) 017.jpg (253593 個位元組) 018.jpg (259406 個位元組) 019.jpg (231165 個位元組) 020.jpg (244537 個位元組) 021.jpg (278652 個位元組)

The crossover:

cv3.jpg (195117 個位元組)  002.jpg (258678 個位元組) 007.jpg (248634 個位元組) 008.jpg (232440 個位元組) 

The bass cabinet.

bossc.jpg (202901 個位元組) Vb=250 liters.


Last up-grade(10/2008) for above speaker system ( Altec 802D replace Altec 806-8A , New APC 24dB crossover )



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