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Concerto  Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Preampilier

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Audio Experience Concerto Phono Preamp Review by jkorten

Jkorten                                               February 08, 2003

Audio Experience Concerto Phono Preamp Review by Mike Knapp

Mike Knapp                                      February 23, 2003

Audio Experience Concerto Phono Preamp Review by rdw_audiofossil

rdw_audiofossil                                   November 27, 2002

Thanks, very nice preamp, sounds better and better as it warms up !

Dimitry Zarkh                                         2002/9/27

I have now had a chance to set up and use the Concerto phono preamp.   It is well-built and sounds terrific.  Thanks.

David Whitaker                                     2002/9/23

Hello Chui Chi Wai:
I received the preamp today in good condition. I have listened
only for 1 hour, but I can already tell, that it will be great.
Thank you:
Hermann Papke
Camano Island ,WA ,USA


Yesterday I receipt the phono-amp. It sounds great, it is not to believe,
we can
tell that You have a long experience, as longer it runs as better it sounds,
congratulation. Thank You. We keep in touch.

Wolfgang and Partner.                         2001/12/28

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