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Symphonies +  High-Definition Tubes Line Preamplifier

YS-Audio Audio Experience Symphonies + line preamp Review by jkorten

jkorten                       12/27/2005

Audio Experience Symphonies Plus Line Preamp and Concerto Plus Phono Preamp Review by rotten rottie


Review by rotten rottie (A) on May 19, 2005 at 11:34:20

Thank you for the information. Just to let you know, the Balanced A1 is superb sounding. Much better than the MELOS SHA 1 which it replaced. You make excellent products as I am also using, as you know, the Symphonies Plus in a different system. That unit far bettered the Sonic Frontiers Line One SE which it replaced! I want you to know I am happily recommending your fine products to all who inquire about them. Have a nice day. Sincerely, Charles Cagin

Charles Cagin                9/28/ 2005

YS-Audio Audio Experience Symphonies + line preamp Review by Peter McElhaney

Peter McElhaney               2/22/ 2004


Greetings! I bought the Symphonies + model about one year ago. You should be very proud of your excellant merchandise. This unit has performed flawlessly in my system, and, I am very pleased with my purchase. This is just a note of thanks to you and your fine company for a job well done. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Charles Cagin 

McFarland   2003/3/17

HI Nelson.

Just got the Pre-amp. It is fantastic!!!! Beats my old one <SF Line 1> hands down!!!

A few good points:
Tonally accurate
tight timing (right but not aggressive. Musically correct!!)
Fantastic highs.
Non-resonant casework (aluminium?)

Thanks for the great product!!!

James Soh                  2002/8/28

TO: Ys_audio

Dear Mr. Chui Chi Wai, My Symphonies + line stage sounds excellant ! Thank you so much for producing such a fine product. Your line stage products ..................................I am VERY PLEASED INDEED with my new line stage..................... 

Thank You Again, Charles Cagin        2002/6/9

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