Concerto Plus MC-Signature Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Ampilier Version 1.5


The Concerto Plus MC-Signature (Version 1.5) is top version of Concerto Plus, It work for MM and MC cartridge with external power supply, phono stage embodies the newest thinking of YS-audio dedicated and enthusiastic technical design YS Chui . The unit has MC input ( Low 71dB of gain , High 77dB of gain ) and MM input ( 48dB of gain ), and, just as importantly, the Concerto Plus MC-signature boasts an very low noise level, so in practical use, the 71dB gain is usable in systems with low overall sensitivity. It uses a EZ81(orEZ80) rectifier tube with solid state regulator for HV B+ power supply , three 12AX7 for the gain stage and  Hasimoto HM-X MC transformer for MC step-up stage . MM input is 47K ohm. The Concerto all hand made by "point-to-point" . 


Huge dynamic range, both the beautiful tone color and wonderful rhythm , 
ultra linear circuit designed for the LP and SP, it has 4 kind EQ network for select , include
RIAA , London ffrr , Columbia , SP. uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that 
matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market .
The phono stage made by Hand built " point to point " on YS-Audio factory.
"point to point" has become more focused, the soundstage is deeper.
Hand built by " point to point ' is very high cost of manufacture !
The installation of the tubes line stage is special designed , it can prevent RF interfere and vibrate interfere,
It has become very clean soundstage and saw the musical instrument hang up in the air.

The HV B+ power supply is application of a highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator with EZ81 Tube for current buffer.
The EZ81 Tube opens up the soundstage and allows the music to "bloom". The melody flows naturally, like a river. 
The highly efficient solid-state voltage regulator give the very good bass controls .

The Important features

mcse7.jpg (123736 個位元組)
Concerto Plus MC-TSE has a select control for select 4 kind phono EQ network : 
RIAA , London ffrr , Columbia , SP.

The RIAA EQ for prevalence LP , 
The London ffrr EQ for London ffrr LP , 
The Columbia EQ for Columbia and old NAB LP , 
The SP EQ for EU 2 Single-Play.


conpmcsn2.jpg (417143 個位元組)
MC impedance select

conpmcsnb.jpg (603819 個位元組)
The Concerto Plus MC-Signature one pair MC input , one pair MM input.
And It has two pair output , one pair is high output and one pair is low output.
All RCA connections use Neutrik.


  conpmcsntran.jpg (398883 個位元組)
Hasimoto HM-X Step-up MC transformer 
Some info for Hasimoto HM-X MC transformer: Hashimoto-HM-X-datasheet.pdf


conpmcsncap.jpg (643417 個位元組)
M-CAP® Supreme Silver / Gold & Oil coupling cap, MultiCap RTX output cap



kouzou3.jpg (41838 個位元組) conpmcsnwair.jpg (539463 個位元組)
UniCrystal OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Copper wire and 
Gold-plated OFC copper wire  for inside interconnect cable.

Hasimoto Choke (made in Japan)
at HVB+ power supply.


conpmcsnpower1.jpg (474320 個位元組) conpmcsnpower2.jpg (428380 個位元組)
External power supply.

conpmcsnpower4.jpg (461652 個位元組) conpmcsnpower6.jpg (622686 個位元組) conpmcsnpower5.jpg (696043 個位元組) conpmcsn1.jpg (644222 個位元組) conpmcsnpower3.jpg (423104 個位元組)



Controls : 
EQ network Selector , MC impedance select, MC gain high / low select.
MC /MM input select , Power On/Of 

Output :  High x1 , Low x1

Input :  MC1 input , MC2 input , MM input 

Frequency Response:  -/+ 0.2dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, RIAA equalized

Input Impedance: 

MC low gain: 
520 ohm , 350 ohm , 200 ohm , 100ohm , 75 ohm , 50 ohm

MC high gain: 
133 ohm , 90 ohm , 52 ohm ,  30 ohm ,  20 ohm , 10 ohm

MM is 47K / 100P 

MM Gain: 48dB at high output , 44dB at low output.

Total gain MC step-up with MM stage:
MC gain set at low , 71dB at high output , 67dB at low output.
MC gain set at high , 77dB at high output , 73dB at low output.

Noise: MM 84dB (shorted input) , MC 79dB (shorted input).
signal-to-noise ratio, below 2.5 Volts RMS output,  A weighted

Distortion: Less than 0.2% at 2.5V RMS 1kHz output.

Maximum input : MM 50mv , MC 5mv . 

Tube Compliment : 12AX7 x3 , EZ81(or EZ80 ) x1

main 400mm x 310mm x 150mm (W x D x H) , 
power supply 160mm x 135mm x 60mm (W x D x H).

Weight: 7kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz


Actual Price:  HK$18800



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