Concerto Plus MC-TSE  Tubes Phono Stage Eq-Preampilier

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The Concerto Plus MC-TSE is Special  Edition Concerto Plus for MM and MC cartridge with external power supply, phono stage embodies the newest thinking of YS-audio dedicated and enthusiastic technical design YS Chui . The unit has MC input ( 66.75dB of gain ) and MM input ( 47dB of gain ), and, just as importantly, the Concerto Plus MC-SE boasts an low noise level, so in practical use, the 73dB gain is usable in systems with low overall sensitivity. The Concerto uses a 6X4 rectifier tube with solid state regulator for HV B+ power supply , three 12AX7 for the gain stage and  Jensen 44K-XD MC transformer for MC step-up stage . MM input is 47K ohm. The Concerto all hand made by "point-to-point" . 


Huge dynamic range, both the beautiful tone color and wonderful rhythm , 
ultra linear circuit designed for the LP and SP, it has 4 kind EQ network for select , include
RIAA , London ffrr , Columbia , SP. uncanny natural flowing heart-stirring sound that 
matches any other ultra-Fi products on the market .
The phono stage made by Hand built " point to point " on YS-Audio factory.
"point to point" has become more focused, the soundstage is
Hand built by " point to point ' is very high cost of manufacture !
The installation of the tubes line stage is special designed , it can prevent RF interfere and vibrate interfere,
It has become very clean soundstage and saw the musical instrument hang up in the air.

The 6X4 Tube rectification opens up the soundstage and allows the music to "bloom". 
The melody flows naturally, like a river. In contrast, solid state rectifiers emit 
electromagnetic pulses that resonate throughout the audio circuit and add an 
electronic haze that can be perceived as a highly unnatural noise or grain. 
The unnaturalness of the solid state rectifier's turn on/turn off cycle creates a choppy, 
edgy feeling that over-emphasizes the leading edge of transients at the expense of a 
harmonic completeness and does not allow the individual notes to rise and decay naturally.
Beside, It with solid state regulator for HV B+ power supply , the regulator give the very good 
bass controls , it become the sound better than popular Concerto .It can fight down many
USD$6000 phono preamplifier !

The Important features

mcse7.jpg (123736 個位元組)
The Concerto Plus MC-TSE has a select control for select 4 kind phono EQ network : 
RIAA , London ffrr , Columbia , SP.

The RIAA EQ for prevalence LP , 
The London ffrr EQ for London ffrr LP , 
The Columbia EQ for Columbia and old NAB LP , 
The SP EQ for EU 2 Single-Play.

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The Concerto Plus MC-TSE has two pair input , one pair for MM cartridge , one pair for MC cartridge with input select .
And It has two pair output , one pair is high output and one pair is low output.

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Jensen 44K-XD Step-up MC transformer 
Some info for Jensen 44K-XD Step-up MC transformer:

External power supply.

All RCA connections use Neutrik , coupling cap use Sonicap and Wima

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Controls : EQ network Selector , MC /MM input select , Power On/Of 

Output :  High x1 , Low x1

Input :  MC input , MM input 

Frequency Response:  -/+ 0.25dB, 20Hz to 20kHz, RIAA equalized

MC Step-up Input Impedance and gain: 
for 20 ohm ~  430ohm load impedance of MC cartridge , step gain is 19.75dB

MM Gain: 47dB at high output , 43dB at low output.

Total gain MC step-up with MM stage:
MC 66.75dB at high output , 62.75dB at low output.

Noise: MM 83dB (shorted input) , MC 78dB (shorted input).
signal-to-noise ratio, below 2 Volts RMS output,  A weighted

Distortion: Less than .07% at 0.5V RMS 1kHz output.

Maximum input : MM 50mv , MC 5mv . 

Tube Compliment : 12AX7 x3 , 6X4 x1

main 400mm x 310mm x 80mm (W x D x H) , 
power supply 160mm x 135mm x 60mm (W x D x H).

Weight: 6kg

Power Source: 110-127/220-240V,50/60Hz


Retired Product



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